Destiny is so close I can feel it creeping into my soul. Soon my babies, soon.

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literally nothing makes me happier than lets players meeting up in real life and being nice to each other 



loud wheezing



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I think the one thing I actually thing the Xbox One did that is unforgivable is the storage space. I mean yeah it’s okay for a launch, you can install all of the games that you’re gonna play at launch but this winter is gonna be tough, deleting and re-installing stuff.

The Call of Duty special…

I agree. Like, they doubled the hard drive space from the 360, but like quadroupled game sizes. I want to hook up an external hard drive, but I can’t afford another one.

I hope you’re supposed to want Andy and April to have a thing because


…I don’t at all feel like I must be the only one

I’m a bit into S2 so yeah

Fingers crossed

Just wait till s3

"There went Norbin. We sure did know his name."

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I drew Spider-Man like the new Spider-Woman.

Ladies and gentlemen: this

I’m a woman and I think the one on the bottom looks absolutely terrifying.

I don’t see the point the author is trying to make. Is it the bad anatomy or the supposed objectifying? His mouth looks like a prolapsed rectum.

if oatmeal had pulled their head out of their ass for half a second and done a google search they would know that this happens to spiderman all the fucking time.

i mean come on dude you didnt event try at all. you were too busy trying to make this about female objectification that you forgot that THEY HAVE FUCKING SPIDER POWERS. THEY ARE SUPPOED TO CRAWL AROUND ON ALL FOURS AND ACT SPIDERY AND SHIT.

i swear man yall will raise a fuss about anything. no matter how stupid it is. can you imagine if people whined this way about men? 

Just gonna leave this here


I can’t decide is this is terrifying, impressive or sexy, so I’m gonna just go with confusing

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